Head Cannon 2

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Head Cannon 2

2 people or you can play alone against the computer Head Ball 2 Although simple structure as in the first game image in your head in the game Cannon 2 game will have both very entertaining moments to play both football. the faces of famous football players like Ronaldo Choose your character and start the simulated game. head football football field with many more going through different challenging you to a football match in 2 games in each section. Your opponents in the game you need to exhibit the best that comes from your hand to throw your opponent to score the most you really to force. If you lose the game open by far the best if you do not play football. Hours before the throw to score the most and you will struggle to defend your castle and collect some objects in the game can reduce your castle by shooting, You can freeze the opponent and ke?fedebilirz many different features. The first version of the game you can play for head ball by clicking on the link below.

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