Play Hole.io game online for free on K7 Games. Compete with other players to grow your hole by swallowing objects and other players in a city.

Hole IO

Hole.io is a mobile game developed by Voodoo. In the game, players compete in a city by trying to grow their hole by swallowing objects and other players, while other players will also try to do the same and expand their own holes.

Players can swallow various objects in the city (traffic cones, park benches, cars, etc.) to compete with each other and expand their holes to fit larger objects while preventing other players from eating them. The player with the biggest hole at the end of the time limit wins.

Hole.io is available for free on iOS and Android devices and is a popular mobile game worldwide.

How to play Hole.io game?

To play Hole.io, follow these basic steps:

Download the game on your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play Store.
Launch the game and choose a username to play with.
When the game starts, you will see a city with different objects, such as cars, buildings, and trees.
Your objective is to move your hole around the city and swallow as many objects and smaller holes as possible to grow your hole.
Use the joystick on the screen to move your hole around and tap the screen to make your hole swallow objects.
Avoid getting swallowed by other larger holes, as this will make you lose the game.
As you grow your hole, you can swallow larger objects, buildings, and even other players' holes.
The game has a time limit, and the player with the largest hole at the end of the game wins.

Overall, Hole.io is a simple and addictive game that is easy to pick up and play.

Hole.io is a competitive multiplayer game where players compete in a city to grow their holes by swallowing objects and other players. Move your hole around the city, swallowing everything in your path to become the biggest hole in town. Avoid getting swallowed by other players and strategically plan your moves to become the ultimate winner. With simple joystick controls and addictive gameplay, Hole.io is the perfect game to play with friends or by yourself. Play now for free on K7 Games!

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