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World of Warships free

World of Warships free

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World of Warships, Cypriot company Wargaming published by 17 September 2015 sea battle-themed massively multiplayer online game. The game features developed by the same company World of Tanks, and is similar to World of Warplanes game. Wikipedia

you can register for free in this game can be played online. When you win prizes brilliantly commanded the ship Legend.
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The award-winning online games The first half of the twentieth century, large-scale naval battle of World dunker is a naval operation of MMO. The epic battle, multi-toned sea rages against the world s oceans of the era of giants to claim victory among the team of the largest representatives.

to achieve victory in battle, players must use a variety of strategies in various tactical decisions. Anime skulking about, crafty neighbor attacks, open conflict and head to head attacks - the captain must strive to find an ideal way to make a decisive blow to the enemy.

variety of tactics in World of Warships, including the following is due to the inclusion of many different battleships: aircraft carrier < span> , remote air support and can provide an extremely striking targets strength against large parts of the ocean reflects the tremendous warships can respond quickly to changing conditions of war light and heavy cruisers will be highly effective in group attacks confidential and agile devastating .

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