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Zombie restaurant

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Zombie restaurant

Zombie restaurant

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In a new cooking game where we did waitresses, not a place we are used to at all. Because it is not at this time in posh restaurants or cafes, waitresses will do in a restaurant in the cemetery. Moreover, the zombies will serve customers who come to this restaurant. Playing with a short training section within the game and start to play, you learn gameplay. First, we sit them down at an empty table of zombies coming to the restaurant. Zombie menu and looking at whether the decision after a short time, waving his hand. We take the customer s order, and when we take him out of order. Finally, we collect empty and we take the money. Business is quite simple, but it s hard to deal with customers at busy times. In the bottom left of the game screen, the amount of money you need to achieve writes. The money you earn over this amount up to you.

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